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                Locates / Skip Traces

Simply put, probably no one locates more individuals than Northwest Investigative Services, Inc.  We are asked to locate around 200 to 250 individuals a month for well over 200 attorneys, adjusters, private investigators, process servers, bounty hunters, police departments, car repo agents, the banking industry and other professionals located both inside Washington and throughout the United States. 

No matter whether you are looking for just one subject, or over the years we have had situations wherein we have been asked to locate over 500 individuals for a single case, we can handle your assignment!  Mike Briggs has over forty-five years experience at this task, Sandy has been with Northwest for thirty-five of those years now and supervises this department.

Our goal is to start a locate / skip trace assignment within three working hours of our receiving your request.  The completion of our work will then depend upon how simple or complex we find your requested task but in most cases we will provide you with either our conclusion or a detailed update response within eight working hours.  Emergency requests will we honored and handled accordingly.

A word about pricing… Because we have no idea how simple or complex your locate request might become, we then have no idea how to quote you a price before we start. Most investigators have a “minimum fee” price of $200.00 to $250.00. For that fee they are not guaranteeing that they will find the person, just that this dollar figure will be charged no matter how simple the request turns out to be and whether or not the target individual is ultimately found. Mike does not like the “minimum fee” type approach when he gets his car worked on, as well as other similar tasks, so he does not want to charge you for work not actually performed. If your requested task is simple and easy then our fee will reflect that type of situation.

The differences in pricing can be that where some requests start with us being given a full legal name, date of birth, social security number and last known address, others might come in with just a target’s nickname, or an incorrectly spelled name, and then just a general area of where they were last known to reside. Some target individuals have lived in the same location for the past ten years and are still there today where others have moved eleven times in the same ten year period and just moved again two weeks ago! We have also been asked to track down a circus performer who moved to a new city in the United States every two weeks and people who have not moved in the past forty years. None of these different scenarios concerns us, we will take on both the easy and difficult assignments, it is just that we have no idea going in how to quote a request before knowing anything about the target individual.

A general pricing statement is that 95% of all locate requests that we receive will fall into one of three buckets…On the low end the cost can be somewhere between $100.00 and $145.00. That middle bucket can come in at between $145.00 and $195.00 and then there are those harder subjects who can come in at between $195.00 to $275.00. At the outset we would like to start with the authority to go to at least $195.00 and then if not found at that point we can discuss our problems with you and together we can come to a consensus on how to proceed.  We will most certainly talk with you in greater detail about this subject, if so desired.    

Whether your problem is centered in Washington or anywhere in the United States, we have you covered!  Most of our assignments of this nature start with an e-mail to Mike at Mike@nwisi.com but you are always welcome in faxing or calling him, whatever works best for you.

             Serving the Legal Community Since 1974 from an Office Near Tacoma, WA